Amazon groceries – The basket case

Amazon is streets ahead in terms of its ability to deliver anything same day to your door, albeit for a small fee.  It has a clinical way of taking over the psyches of even the most intelligent of ALFIES’ members to drive us to shop.

Who here pays for Amazon Prime with a promise of free deliveries all year round (not forgetting that you are actually required to buy goods to get them delivered for free)?   Don’t we all love to buy from a company who can send us what we want hassle free within a day and only the click of an app button?

Is Amazon taking it too far however, with its new Fresh Grocery proposition to the public?  With online shopping from Ocado as well as the leading supermarkets with super deals on offer and free deliveries where available, is Amazon moving away from its core strategy and could it cost the company?  

As a loyal Amazonian, I believe it may be a step too far unless the company is able to conjure a strategy to take on Ocado at the very least.  If it offers same day service for the Prime Fresh, along with the utensils to cook the food it supplies and maybe a chef to boot, then it may well work but it is going to have to offer something special for the 180-pound fee to join up to Amazon Fresh, its new namesake. If it is deemed to be the logical progression after having shown us the way forward in online shopping, then it is going to have to do something fundamentally financially fantastic to get us to move over from our current providers. Thoughts?

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