The next chapter in professional networking

Startup Stock PhotosOnline networking can be tedious. You may find yourself adding individuals you don’t know, or inviting people to your network because they know someone you know. That doesn’t mean, however, that you will contact them frequently and it certainly doesn’t reflect a desire to get to know them better, or interact with them more often for social or business purposes. Inherent in networking should be trust and exclusivity.

You are likely to go to a supermarket or a coffee shop once a day where you may well find yourself standing next to other like-minded people you don’t know who may well be in similar professions.  They may be prospective clients or introducers to new business and new opportunities. We all live in our own busy worlds, where we don’t have time to make new friends or work hard to develop new relationships when we rely on our own groups of friends and contacts spurned from our youth and our years at University.

We rely also on our firms and companies to provide us with a gateway to blue chip and trusted longstanding clients who feed us work based on the business’ reputation alone.  In return, we expect to climb the career ladder as a reward for our efforts. However, times are changing and fast.

Equally, as professional providers, we are a discerning group. Unless there is something that will reward us, or help us to build and manage closer relationships in an environment, which we can trust, then we will continue to do what we do best and keep the status quo.  Why fix it if it isn’t broken? But that doesn’t necessarily drive us and it won’t unless we find a product that enhances us.

If it doesn’t improve our lives for the better, then it isn’t worth having in our lives in the first place.

ALFIES is that ‘special something’ that will enhance you. It will give you that reward for being a part of the key city professions, but it is a whole lot more. It is a multi-dimensional platform with tools you can use to build new relationships with like-minded professionals and socially develop trusted and potentially important new relationships.

Consider an online platform where you can share anything confidentially, in an invitation-only network. ALFIES welcomes you to the world where you can challenge the norm. You will be able to sign up to relevant and special events in association with our luxury partners. ALFIES will let you share your business and travel stories, read the unique content you won’t find elsewhere, receive exclusive luxury brand, travel and hospitality offers- that you can only benefit from as a member. You are also able to buy, sell, share, swap, be introduced, introduce, set up clubs, inter-company events, sports teams, leagues, and groups.

ALFIES was created because we believe that professional networking needs to become more personal.   What is out there right now works in principle but it still falls short of really making a difference in our lives.   We are not talking change for the sake of it, rather a chance to network with meaning.

ALFIES will not allow recruiters online and it won’t bombard you with adverts. ALFIES is not a C.V. shop window. It is a home for you to continue to build on the world you have worked hard to create and it is a hub for you to launch new ideas, new relationships in a meaningful, exclusive and trusted environment.

ALFIES is the next chapter in professional networking.

We are ALFIES. Are you?

Request your membership here.

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