Why ALFIES should be your New Year’s Resolution


When was the last time you carried through a New Year’s resolution? When someone asks you if you have one it generally involves cutting something out you enjoyed, abstaining from things that don’t do you any good, or perhaps doing something that will inevitably be all pain and potentially no gain. ALFIES is here to break that cycle. ALFIES is a New Year’s Resolution you can be proud of.

If you want to forget about doing something that doesn’t benefit you and simply takes up your time, then give up your current networks. Whiling away time looking at other people getting on with their lives, flicking through professional networks following the progress of others and using it perhaps as a tool for self-reflection is not necessarily a good use of your precious time. Use your time wisely: join ALFIES.

If you are in accountancy, law, finance or insurance in any capacity, sign up now to a new world of smarter networking. Take the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals in a closed member only environment. Organically build new friendships, look to attend events, set up your own groups to discuss matters and utilise the platform to get better connected with each other so you can drive forward your careers together. You might want to sell something, rent somewhere, or buy something.  ALFIES offers you a platform where you can engage with others in a trusted environment to enable you to do this without concern.

ALFIES is a gateway to new opportunity, providing you with an ability to meet fellow peers that you might not otherwise get the chance to connect with. ALFIES will reward you with benefits you won’t find elsewhere. ALFIES will allow you to take advantage of offers and enjoy special treatment at leading venues across London. ALFIES will one day provide you with member clubs to meet and entertain clients, colleagues and friends. Our community is special, connected by a common theme of driving business both locally and globally. Challenge yourself to join ALFIES and be the first in a network that is exclusively different.

Join and invite five eligible like-minded contacts and you’ll be entitled to a lifetime of free membership.

Make ALFIES the difference this year. You’ve worked hard for it so you deserve to be a part of it. Join your professional circle here.

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