2016 – The year of recognition and rewards

This year is your year.

This year you can grow your professional circle in an exclusive member only platform.

Imagine a professional network where you can communicate with each other using a confidential private messaging that automatically erases itself at the end of the discussion.

Imagine a network where you can talk about issues that matter to you and your industries in confidential member groups teeming with your celebrated peers across the four leading city professions.

Imagine a network with daily content from industry leaders and influencers providing their opinion of industry news that directly affects your business.

Imagine being able to buy, sell, swap and share anything you own without a fee, to fellow professionals who you can trust.

Imagine a network where you will be invited to champagne events hosted by leading industry influencers.

Imagine a network, which constantly rewards you with offers and gifts in association with its leading luxury travel and concierge partners.

Imagine a network where you will be able to win luxury prizes and holidays throughout the year.

Imagine no more. ALFIES is here. Request your membership now.

Invite fellow colleagues and like-minded individuals to apply to win some incredible prizes this year. Watch out for an update on our upcoming competition in the next weeks.

 ALFIES.com © 2016

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