ALFIES partners with nutritionist Tilly Pearman

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with expert Nutritionist Tilly Pearman. Tilly offers ALFIES members with special deals on private and bespoke nutrition and dietary plans. She will also give members insider knowledge on her top health and nutrition tips.

Tilly is a fully certified Nutritional Therapist practicing from London. She trained at the London College of Naturopathic Medicine after returning from a 2-year relocation to Melbourne in 2012. Leaving behind an early career in Fashion, Tilly now self-confesses to a much more scientific-focused passion and lets her geeky side enthuse over the molecular structure and metabolism of food. During a consultation you can expect education to form the heart of her practice, empowering her clients with the skills to take back responsibility for their own bodies and health. Utilising both Eastern philosophies and modern biochemistry her approach recognises not only the cellular and structural integrity of each individual but places value on our emotional health, too.

Not an ALFIES member yet? Apply for your ALFIES membership today to receive exclusive benefits like this one!






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