How to have more energy

ALFIES’ exclusive in-house nutritionist Tilly Pearman provides her top 10 tips on maintaining energy levels for the fast-paced city professional.

1. Support the adrenals: vitamin C (kale, strawberries, kiwi, watercress), B-vits (whole grains, eggs, lentils, nuts, seeds ) and magnesium (brown rice, raw chocolate, broccoli, spinach, almonds).

2. Avoid skipping meals: enjoy low GI snacks that are rich in protein ( raw chocolate and coconut truffles, chia seed pots, almond butter on oatcakes, hummus and rice crackers, mackerel pate on rye, yogurt and fresh berries, homemade sweet potato chips).

3. Reduce sugar and stimulants: limit caffeine intake and avoid completely after       3pm. Replace with water, herbal tea, coconut water and fresh juices.

4. Include maca & cinnamon: maca is an adaptogenic Peruvian root herb traditionally used to support the body in times of stress whilst cinnamon has been recognised for its ability to improve blood glucose control. Try adding 1 tsp of each into porridge, smoothies or simply sprinkle atop yogurt/fruit.

5. Calming teas: chamomile, lemon balm, lavender and passion flower are great teas to calm the nervous system and relieve symptoms of anxiety. Try to introduce before bedtime to promote restful sleep. Green tea (in moderation) is also great for its L-theanine content (a natural compound that focuses the mind to bring alertness but without the jittery effects commonly associated with caffeine).

6. Ginseng & liquorice: adaptogenic herbs that can help to keep cortisol in circulation by inhibiting the enzyme to metabolize it. Try taking in tea form or add ginger to your cooking.

7. Improve sleep hygiene– practice a bedtime ritual to help reset your circadian rhythm. Switch off all phones/electronic devices at least 30mins before bed; light from the screen can interfere with melatonin production.

8. Regular exercise– whether you are training for strength, endurance or flexibility be sure to integrate your programme with gentle forms of exercise too (walking, yoga, deep breathing) to allow the body to restore, heal and find balance.

9. Relax: reduce lifestyle stressors and find a form of relaxation that works for you (mindfulness, dance, music, reading, walking, cooking) and aim to practise daily.

10. Listen to your body: re-connect and understand your body. Identify cravings, work out what feels good/bad and learn to recognise your own individuality. No one knows your body better than you!

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