How to curb your cravings

ALFIES’ exclusive in-house nutritionist Tilly Pearman provides her top 10 tips to prevent snacking on the way to a healthy summer body.

1 Don’t skip breakfast: set yourself up right for the day with a protein-rich breakfast eaten ideally within an hour of waking. Protein shakes are a great idea for those short on time or who can’t stomach meat/fish/eggs first thing.

2 Keep hydrated: we can often mistake hunger for thirst. Aim for around 2L water spread throughout the day and next time you get a hunger pang drink a glass of water and see if it subsides.

3 Increase protein, fats & fibre: a combination of this trio will help you feel fuller for longer by managing your insulin levels and keeping blood glucose levels stabilised. Good foods containing all 3 include nuts, seeds and avocado.

4 Try intermittent fasting: if your cravings are leading to weight gain you may want to try intermittent fasting to help kick-start your metabolism and increase fat burn.

5 Understand your cravings: cravings are often your body’s way of telling you what it’s missing so pay attention and ask yourself why you may be craving a certain type of food. What nutrients may you be lacking?

6 Drink green tea: sweet cravings can often be kept at bay by simply drinking green tea.

7 Snack less: every time we eat we raise our insulin levels. If these levels are continually raised our bodies will continue to store fat, rather than burn it. Snacking can also be a sign of boredom so distract your mind with a gym class, good book, chat with a friend or 10 minute walk to see if the hunger passes.

8 Include ‘cheat’ days: allowing yourself specific days to indulge a little should reduce the temptation to snack outside of these times.

9 Check for deficiencies: if you get frequent cravings for specific foods it may be helpful to see a nutritionist for some professional advice and testing that may highlight nutrient deficiencies which can be addressed through correct dietary changes and supplementation.

10 Prep your alternatives: if you always crave certain foods at certain times of the day then take advantage of this and prepare alternative, healthier snacks that can satisfy you. Over time your tastebuds will naturally start to adjust.

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