How to Improve Your Wellness at Work

A long day at the office can often leave you feeling tired, stressed and lacking the motivation to keep up your healthy lifestyle. Look better, feel better and boost your productivity by incorporating these simple wellness tips into your daily routine.


Water is one of the most underrated tools for improving your wellness, as proper hydration contributes to better digestion, clearer and fresher skin, more energy and longer satiation. Keep a large bottle of water on your desk at all times and make sure to take regular sips throughout the day to prevent the effects of dehydration.


Keep Moving

Working in an office environment can often find you slumped at your desk staring at a laptop screen for hours on end. Avoid back discomfort and sluggishness by making sure to move your body every 30-60 minutes. Find ways to add more movement into your day: use the stairs instead of the lift, complete some calf raises whilst waiting for the printer or simply take a walk to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. On a tight deadline? Even a quick stretch at your desk will help release building tension and boost concentration.


Swap Boozy Lunches for Sweatworking

Traditional long, boozy lunches can often leave you feeling bloated, light-headed and ready to fall asleep at your desk. Next time you’re entertaining clients, be kind to your waist line and swap your usual rooftop bar for a boutique fitness studio. Try a spin class at 1Rebel, Broadgate or Third Space, Canary Wharf before heading to The Lovage, the juice bar based in The Ace Hotel, to refuel whilst you network. There’s nothing quite like post-workout endorphins to really get a great business connection going.


Stock up on Healthy Snacks

It’s 3:00 pm, your energy is wavering and your attention is more captivated by the idea of chocolate than on powering through your mounting inbox. If this sounds familiar, then kick those mid-afternoon cravings to the curb by keeping healthy options on hand. Fruit, popcorn, nut butter packs, protein bars and dark chocolate are all great options that will satisfy your cravings and give your energy a much needed boost.

popcorn copy

Take a Walk

Had a stressful morning? Swap a high intensity class for a 20 minute walk outside. It’s amazing how much more relaxed you’ll feel by moving your body and getting some fresh air.


By Kathryn Armitage

Kathryn Armitage is a freelance blogger, photographer and recipe developer based in London. She is also the creator of lifestyle blog, A Healthy Wanderlust, which covers everything from culture and society to health and travel. You can also find Kathryn on Instagram (@kathryn_armitage) and Twitter (@kathrynarmitage).


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