Donald Trumps them All – ALFIES take on the Presidential Election

The U.S. woke up to the news this morning that California has legalised Marijuana: Probably best for a lot of uncertain Americans who, glued to their televisions, also just found out that the next President will be Donald Trump.

2 years of bitter campaigning have finally come to an end and the result has sent shockwaves and disbelief across the Globe, just as it had done when the World woke up to Britain’s vote to leave Europe back in June.

The burning question is how did the media get it so wrong? Why did President elect Donald Trump win when the polls suggested it would clearly be Clinton?

Was it Trump’s underhand tactics, or his vitriolic attacks on Hillary ‘Crooked’ Clinton? Was it the Russian whispers, or the FBI and its investigations into her alleged email illegalities?  It was none of the above.

Let’s be clear: The battle was fought between a left wing Democrat with thirty years in politics, whose policies were already out-dated and broken. Clinton promised to protect the hard fought policies of the incumbent President Barack Obama and that was exactly what most Americans didn’t want.

Now consider her rival – a right wing billionaire property developer who has paid trillions in corporation tax, built thousands of homes and paid the salaries of hundreds of thousands of employees. A man who despite no political, foreign or military experience, promised to deliver urgently what Americans desired most: change – not a pretty change but one the majority of citizens in their minds considered vital to fix the current system.

To add to the Democrat’s demise, only twice in the past 50 years has one party had control for more than 2 terms. The only change offered by the Democrats was that Hillary was a continuation of the desire for a new age of equality and diversity: in short a lady who would break a new glass ceiling in politics by enabling a woman to become the most powerful person in the World after 240 years. Clinton’s policies promised more of the same and to many that meant that same old game. Looking at the polls closing across States, many appeared to look to her out of fear of the unknown of voting for Trump. Others mainly women and children and unsettled fathers and husbands didn’t appreciate Trump’s tone when it came to his self-confessed locker room talk, but then again Clinton’s husband was not a martyr himself.

The Republican candidate was never the popular choice but consider this: Trump goes into the White House in January with a mandate to change the face of American politics.  He wants to enable a stronger economy, to protect U.S. borders, to stop the rest of the World taking advantage of its weak trade deals and concessionary foreign policies; in Trump’s own words: To Make America Great Again. Only one person who suffered so much abuse and criticism could, when the smoke cleared, still remain standing.

Trump whether you like it or not played the game perfectly. Read his book the Art of the Deal and you’ll get a further insight into his character. A narcissist? So what? Sexist? Old news. One of the most successful businessmen in history: Absolutely. Out of the two candidates; he could use his economic excellence and his alpha like attitude to help protect U.S. borders, remove the threat of terrorist cells with the cooperation of rival states abroad, isolate international freeloaders and seek to help put money back in people’s pockets. He is a man who is not afraid to say what he thinks, to challenge the broken institution built upon libertarian and dove like policies with a hint of protectionist rhetoric.

So in hindsight, is the news really a surprise, or are we kidding ourselves, that people who demanded change used their vote and their voice to be heard? Democracy in the modern age is not dead it seems and America has the loudest voice. This morning what we have woken up to is both certainty and uncertainty. Certainty in a new President being elected and uncertainty in what is likely to become a new World Order not to mention Russia’s elation, China’s concerned whispers, market fluctuations, Hispanic panic and Canadian servers crashing as 1000’s of U.S. citizens seek to immigrate immediately.

Trump it appears has trumped them all and a new chapter is now open to be written into the history books. Enjoy the performance. It is likely to be an interesting 4 years ahead, to say the least.

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