Dopamine Investors

By Plamen Monovski

In 1996, the world chess champion Garry Kasparov sat down to play a match against Deep Blue, IBM’s supercomputer. In the 1997 rematch, Deep Blue won. The machine, which could think 200 million moves ahead, had learned to mimic the thought process of its genius opponent.  In chess, where chance plays no role, machine trumped man. Continue reading “Dopamine Investors”

The collapse of commodities

One of the world’s largest commodities businesses: Glencore Plc felt the full effects of the reduction in value of metals in the past months. Just yesterday its share value dropped to an all-time low, falling a further 27 percent; 75 percent overall decline this year.  To quantify a further $13 billion has been wiped off its value this month increasing investor concern that it’s not shedding its debt fast enough.The company has been battered after investors retreated from commodities as China’s economy expands at the slowest pace since 1990. The Bloomberg Commodity Index last month reached the lowest in 16 years and the Bloomberg World Mining Index … Continue reading The collapse of commodities